Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Week Survival

Well Todd and I survived summer barely and were maybe a little bit too happy to see that big yellow bus on Monday.

Now it's time for the kids to survive life in a new school.

This adjustment has gone well for some and not so well for others.

On Day One we only got two of the three kids back at the end of the day. 66.6% isn't so bad and this wouldn't have been such a big deal except the remaining child has some medical needs I'm not sure his first year teacher was prepared and ready to tackle. We think maybe she was holding him hostage because, being the awesome parents that we are, we had not yet sent his school supplies in with him......

We got that sorted out and he finally came home around 5:00.

The next day he left his lunch box on the bus and I got a phone call from my brother-in-law who had received a frantic phone call from the same teacher who was frazzled because he didn't have a lunch and you can't just feed that kid whatever you want.

We got that worked out.

Here's to hoping that today goes smooth sailing for the youngest and especially for his poor teacher.

The middle child? He's sailing through.
Need new friends? Check.
Like learning the layout of new places? Check.
Already have football games in place during recess? Check.
That's all he needs. Seriously.

And that brings us to the oldest: our anxious and shy child who likes routine and dislikes change.
There have been some tears shed this week.
And there have definitely been some attitude adjustments needed.

She misses her friends at her old school.
I get that.
I remember fifth grade.
People already have their groups.
We're signing her up for some extracurricular activities to hopefully foster new friendships.

And as we laid in her bed talking last night, I heard the same ugly insecurities from my own childhood rearing their same ugly heads and I realized times haven't changed that much. It doesn't matter how amazing I think she is, she wants the other girls to think she's worthy and invite her in to their circle. She wants to be wanted.

I totally get that.

And I pray fervently every morning that someone will connect with her and show her kindness, and at the same time I pray that she will realize her own worth and know that God created a beautiful little soul and that in the end, she will be okay. Because she will be.

So here's my sillies on the first day of school doing their thing and preparing to tackle a new year:

Meanwhile their mother is tackling statistics.

And statistically speaking, I'm worried about the outcome of me doing well in statistics. So far, the data does not look promising.  ;)