Friday, August 21, 2015

Is it Monday YET?!


This summer?
Not going down in the history of my favorite summers.

I love all the posts on FB from parents who are sad to send their kids off to school. It just proves to me that they are, most likely, smoking crack. I always wondered and now I'm like 99.9% sure.

As for me? I sent my kids out to the bus stop this morning even though school doesn't start until next week. 

Just wait there kids, the bus will be here Monday morning. Here's a snack. Don't run in the street. Watch your brother. In case of DIRE emergency (like one of your limbs falls off) IF you feel you ABSOLUTELY need me, call your dad. I'm going to bed.

See you Monday after school.

And I know. I get it.

You look at these sweet sweet faces and you think, how can you possibly say that about these sweet little cherubs?

Here's how I can say that - this picture is a lie. We had to pay them upwards of one million dollars to look at the camera and smile. Before this picture was taken, they were trying to stab one another with swords and threatening to blow up the house.

Okay that may be a slight exaggeration but seriously, we're done. 

We've had our together time. Lots of together time. Too much together time. Yesterday as I sat through yet another cartoon movie and then got eaten alive by mosquitos who were feasting upon my flesh like it was their last meal EVER during a game of putt putt, I could literally feel my few remaining brain cells deteriorating. And I looked over at Todd and saw his glazed over expression and I thought, my God, they've taken him down too! 

So yes, we are done. We are more than ready to curse the school morning rush, pack some nutritionally questionable lunches, and send them off to torture someone else with a million questions they already know the answer to.

Sorry Teachers.

But seriously?



  1. Can.....not.....stop.....laughing. I was drawn to the sweet picture with my typical Grandma "awwwww" response! Then I looked and thought how on earth did they ever get them together and smiling all at the same time. The million dollar bribes make total sense! Hang in there and it WILL be, not yet.....almost......

  2. One more day to go and you have certainly earned your celebration! One day (not far away) you will look back and wonder how the time went so quickly. But it doesn't happen when you are the one responsible for entertaining three young children! Hang in there and enjoy your Monday morning coffee! Love you.