Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gobble Gobble

We traveled to the OBX to spend Thanksgiving 2015 with Todd's family.

My favorite thing this year?
Watching these two:

My niece and my youngest? They're pretty darn cute together.

And Owen? He doesn't just give hugs to anyone. He'll hug when we prompt him, but it's incredibly rare to get unprompted snuggles.

We caught him hugging on Kenlee several times because he trusts her and feels safe with her. She's good to her "Owen Head."

I did a horrible job of taking pics. As usual......

But here were some other favorite moments:

Lip Sync Battle? Oh yes. This is definitely going to be a new tradition. Hilarious.

Cooking up a storm with my sil? Always a favorite!

Impromptu boat rides? Awesome.

Bonfire on the beach? So fun.

 Todd and his parents cramming in the back seat of the car so we could make Kevin "jealous" of Golden Boy? Always a fun competition......

Playing the Rate Your Love for the Dog game with my father-in-law? (Cooper isn't always a fan favorite due to his need to sometimes mark his territory and his love of people's dirty underwear and socks.....) so it has become quite humorous to torture my father-in-law with pics like this and ask him if Cooper can come sleep with him and Grandma?

(I think Grandma would have loved it as she also likes to sneak Cooper on the furniture when Todd's not around. Lol.)

Anything I get to do with this girl. And I do mean anything. 

I promise the rest of my family was there.

Isaac and Will played football, watched football, talked football, dreamt football, or wrestled their way through Thanksgiving.

Emma Grace spent her time reading or cooking or locked in her room with Kenlee, playing.

Now it's back to the final few weeks before Christmas.
House is decorated.
Stockings are hung.
Shopping has commenced.

Bring it, Holidays!

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  1. What fun we all had.......with or without photos......and so many blessings in the memories of our laughter and time together!