Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Referraliversary

If you don't live in the adoption world; you may be wondering what that title means.
If you do live in the world of adoption, then you know that it means today is the 3 year anniversary of our referral. (The day we found out about Isaac.)

Dec. 5th, 2006.
Started out like any other day.
My s-i-l needed to have a dress altered, and seeing as she had a newborn at the time, I volunteered to meet her at the mall and keep Will company while she was otherwise occupied. We were hoping for a referral within the next few months so I asked her if we could borrow Kenlee's "I'm a big sister" tee-shirt to use when the call came. I had no idea it would be that day!

After putting EG down for her quiet time, the phone rang and it was our social worker, Lindsay.
After 5 months of waiting, she said the famous words: "Do you have time to talk?" That means, THIS IS IT! in adoption lingo. The call. The one you've been waiting for. The one where I'm going to tell you about the child that is waiting for you half a world away. The call that will change your life forever.

It is physically impossible to describe what went through my head at that moment. I think I started blabbering on about some inconsequential things, until she laughingly interrupted me and asked if I wanted to hear about our son.

A son.
Our first boy.
Tadesse Mathewos
6 months old
8 pounds.
At the care center.
Waiting for us.
Half a world away.
A picture that took our breath away.
A history that is heartbreaking but led him to us.
Our little Isaac
Our big blessing.

I hung up, threw the shirt on EG, grabbed the already wrapped blue baby blanket, (returned the pink one later) and headed to Todd's office, praying he wouldn't check his email before we got there. Found him in the hall. Kept pointing to EG's shirt. He didn't get it. Had him open the gift; it dawned on him. We opened the email together. I told him everything Lindsay said. We looked at his picture for the first time together. People asked me what that was like. I can honestly say for both of us, within about five minutes, he went from being a cute little boy, to our son. Learned it doesn't take blood to make you fall in love with your child.

It took us about 4 minutes to decide on a name.
"Isaac" means laughter. This baby needed laughter and happiness in his life. If you know him now, you know the name fits him well. He has the greatest smile and sense of humor.

We left and headed to my s-i-l's house, who laughed and asked why Emma Grace was wearing the tee shirt already? Ironic huh? We called all of our parents, siblings,and friends. We printed out his picture, stared at it and celebrated.

It was by far one of the BEST days of my life.
And one of the most heartbreaking days of my life.
Our joy, our gain, our blessing came at another's loss.
My thoughts will forever be with his birth family, his first family.
Every day that I get to raise this amazing child,
I will remember them and be grateful.

THEN: EG with her "baby butter from Opapeaia"
Thank you, God.

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  1. I remember.....I remember well, the discussions before the process, during the process. I remember that special phone call....the catch in my throat, the soaring of my heart. I remember the laughter at little Emma Grace and her brother who was waiting in Opiopia! I remember staying with her while Isaac's new parents went to bring him to his new family....his forever family. I remember the anticipation. But most of all I remember the knowing, the deep down knowing that he was our grandson. Knowing that his parents were walking toward us at the airport, that his parents who were horribly sleep deprived, handed each of us a special blessing in that tiny little boy who did need laughter and joy. Now he bubbles with laughter and joy, as we all do, every day in the Fischer Family! I am his forever blessed Grandma Fish! Happy Referraliversary!