Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Worth the Wait

The post below was borrowed from another blogger who also borrowed it. The words are beautiful. As an adoptive parent, one of the hardest things was waiting. Waiting and wondering. When you're pregnant, you know (pretty much) the outcome will come along in (hopefully) nine months. You know when you will get to meet and hold your child, God willing. With adoption, there is a lot more uncertainty. You don't know when, who, or what your child is experiencing as you wait. Patience is hard. You pour hours upon hours of work and dedication into the process, and then sit back and wait. Friends and family have babies while you're still waiting. Our process took 15 months start to finish, and that is a short amount of time compared to most, but didn't feel short at the time. It's hard to remember while waiting, that across the world, there is another family waiting as well. Waiting and longing to make it work.

"Our wait is beautiful. We are waiting to say hello to our future. We are waiting with hope. Waiting with dreams of what will come and visions of family.

The families of our children are waiting to say goodbye. Waiting to kiss their cheek for a final time. To smell their sweet skin and whisper in their ears. They are waiting for loss. Loss that most of us will never have to bear.

And our children will wait too. They will wait for all that is known to return to them and yet it never will. They will wait to hear the whispers of those who love them again. Whispers that will not come.

If children are not lingering in care. If the agencies we use are acting with haste and due care, then we should be at peace. A decision has not had to be made to say goodbye. There will be one more day. One more kiss. One more moment.

I wish I could go back in time and sit next to the important people in my daughters’ lives and whisper in their ears. Just one more day. Give them one more day. Take your time. I will wait here as long as you ask me to."

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  1. A beautiful passage that makes us stop and think! I know the wait is difficult on both sides of the journey. I also know that my life has been forever enriched by our waiting!