Friday, February 12, 2010

Dearly Beloved,

As parents you think of this day often. You picture her, your little girl, in a white gown, arms linked with her daddy as she heads down the aisle towards the man of her dreams. Or you picture him, in a suit, standing at the front gazing up...waiting for his bride-to-be to walk towards him, waiting to start a life together.

Your emotions are mixed. Obviously, you are happy for him. Happy for her. Happy they have found the happiness that you yourself found so many years ago. On the other hand, you are sad. Did they really grow up so fast? Are they really taking that final leap towards independence. Now it's every other holiday; now instead of reminiscing the loss of their toddler years, you look forward to changing your grandkids' diapers.

Yes, as parents, we picture this day often.
Never in a million years did I picture not being invited to the blessed event.

I missed it this morning.
I walked in just as the ceremony was ending.
I was crushed.
How could they leave me out of such a momentous occasion?
How could they get married while their father was out of the country?

But then, once again, I put their happiness first and became the much requested photographer. I didn't get to take too many pictures though because the best man was poopy and screaming, the dog kept getting in the way, and well, wedding or no wedding, we still had to get to preschool on time.

From the bottom of my heart,
I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

As an aside:
I realize this momentous occasion raises some moral questions. Please rest assured that, even though I did not express my concerns, Emma Grace said, "I know I can't marry either of my brothers. We're just practicing." She also said that Noah (her friend) has told her many times she is not allowed to marry her brothers or anyone else in her family. Sounds to me like Noah is trying to get his foot in the door for the real deal.

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