Friday, February 5, 2010

Showers, bacon, and sleepy boys

What a week this has been.

First of all, this little girl is growing up way too fast. Way way too fast. In fact, if it weren't raining right now and Owen was healthy, I would be heading to the elementary school and registering her for kindergarten today. Sigh. Deep breaths.

She's also now liking showers and, like her mother, will stay in there as long as possibly allowed, enjoying the hot water. Of course, unlike her mother, she gets to enjoy showers in peace without three bodies sitting outside the shower door making requests. But, I'm not bitter. Promise.

This little boy is obsessed, and I do mean OBSESSED with everything Star Wars. Has he seen it? No. Does he want to see it? He thinks he does. However; since he recently got scared at the movie "Elmo in Grouchland," we're just not sure if he's ready.

He is also giving up naps (because I'm making him). He's doing pretty well with it so far. But now, instead of staying up into the wee hours of the night after napping that afternoon, he may occasionally get so tired that he falls asleep while performing mundane tasks, like taking of his shoes.

The youngest one has had a rough week. Laryngomalacia has once again reared its ugly head and no, I was not prepared for it. Even though the surgeons warned us last year that if and when he gets sick, he would still struggle, I was still not prepared for it. Listening to your baby gasp for breath is never fun, but after a steroid, he is doing much much better with that.

He has also been put on my dream diet. What does he get to eat? FAT. Lots of FAT. Bacon, cheese, french fries, everything cooked in butter and cream, etc. FAT. Why? Because he needs to gain more weight than he is gaining, or technically, not gaining.

Seriously, would that not be your dream appointment. Can't you just imagine it? "Mrs. Fischer, I regret to tell you that you are too thin. When you leave here today I want you to stop by DQ and eat a burger, fries, and a large blizzard. Repeat process until you gain weight. Oh, and here's a Starbucks card that will get you an unlimited amount of peppermint mochas with whole milk and extra whip-cream on top. Your insurance will fully cover the costs." A girl can dream, right?

But back to Owen: here he is enjoying some bacon.

Please fatten up soon little boy - obviously for your own health, and also, if Mommy keeps eating your leftovers, she's going to have some seriously clogged arteries.

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  1. Well, I am NOT ready for this growing up thing either! This blessed grandma just wants to keep them "little" but I also rejoice in all they are accomplishing every day! Good luck with the water bill EG will bring into your lives. I'm still laughing at the VERY sweet pic of my precious Isaac asleep with one finger on those shoes. As for Owen's bacon fest.....he is one lucky little guy because none of us will be hearing those medical directives! My love to all.