Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Bald Eagle

Dear Me Person Who Cuts Isaac's Hair,

I have taken the liberty of writing down a few tips to help our next hair cutting experience go a bit smoother. Please read carefully if you would like to continue doing business with our family.

Tip 1: It is probably not the best idea to strip him down, have him stand in the shower (for easy clean-up) and then take an important phone call. He may get very antsy while you are on the phone for over 10 minutes and he's standing there, cold and naked, still with a full head of hair.

Tip 2: Please make sure you change the guard. While 1/8" looks okay on my husband, it makes Isaac look completely bald. Isaac and his father have very different hair types; please do not assume you can cut their hair the same way. That would just be silly.

Tip 3. When cutting Isaac's hair, you may want to start at the bottom of the neck instead of directly in top center. That way, if you did forget to change the guard, you can quickly rectify the situation before it is too late or noticeable.

Tip 4: Do not forget to cut right around his ears. He becomes a bit frightened when you ask him (after showering and getting dressed) to take off his shirt so you can keep cutting. He was seemingly worried you might take another phone call and leave him there naked and cold again.

Tip 4: You should always remember to check the length of the guard. Please remember that 1/8" is WAY too short and shows every bump in his rather large head. (I don't mean to sound redundant or treat you like you're an idiot, but this is the second time we've had this problem at this facility.)

Tip 5: Last but not least, please know that calling him "Baldy" the rest of the day may make him ask if you have "turned him into a bald eagle?"

Just a few things that may make his next trip to the barber shop his mother's bathroom more enjoyable for him and you.

Rachel Fischer


  1. The tip sheet is very informative but the general public (a.k.a. loving Grandma) would like pictorial proof of said "baldy" appearance. :D Ask Todd about the time he forgot to change the 1/8 guard when cutting Kevin's hair at supposedly 1/2 inch length. Oops. Although it did NOT involve a shower or ANY nakedness thank goodness!

  2. I agree with Grandma, "Where's the pic"? I guess you were scared to post it. Luv U. Mom