Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome Back

Welcome back, Oh Mighty Temper Tantrums.

How did I forget about you?

It wasn't too terribly long ago that I experienced you with Owen's brother and sister; yet, I was still shocked this week when you showed up in all your full fledged glory. Screaming. Crying. Flailing about. Kicking. Tugging. Doing whatever it takes to get out of my arms. Basically, taking over my sweet child and reminding me that his baby days are quickly coming to an end.

Bring it on.
I've faced you before and I know you can be defeated.

Sleep well, dear Owen.
You must save your strength for your next tantrum.
Please, make it a good one.
Don't bring it weak.
I like a challenge.

Top 3 things that force Owen into tantrum mode:

1. Naps. Who can blame him? It is truly not fair that he has to go sleep while everyone else is still playing and having a grand time.

2. Diaper Changes. Why should he have to stop moving long enough to get his bottom cleaned up?

3. Isaac sitting in a chair. Any chair. Why would "Igaac" stop playing with him long enough to sit down and rest. I mean, seriously.

1 comment:

  1. Migh goodness, not our sweet little Owen! Tantrum? Yikes. But....from a grandparent standpoint it must be that he is just a high achiever and wants to reach the growth indicators sooner than others. No? Well, keep looking at that sweet picture above. Awwww....