Friday, March 12, 2010

When The Big Kids Are Away

Owen and Mommy can (sort of) Play!

So I've been trying to convince Owen that I'm fun. Really, I am. He doesn't need "M-ma Guh" and "Igee" to have a good time. I can play too. On mornings that they have pre-school, this takes a LOT of convincing. And I mean a LOT. So, here's a glimpse into our morning after the 10 minute tantrum of him realizing he'd been left behind with the dreadful, crazy lady known as "Da da" to him. That's right - he will no longer even say my name.

Owen: "Hey Da da, are these the cleaning supplies you never use?"

Owen: "Look Da-da, this is a Polly gift I found in M-ma Guh's toys. Mwaa Haa Haa. I guess if I have to be stuck here with you all morning, I can at least play with her things...and I'm crushing her toys."

Owen: "You know, if you want me to think you're as much fun as the other people who live here, maybe you should stop taking my picture (even though I'm cute as a freakin' button) and play with me."

Me: "That's a great idea Owen. Okay, let's go get one last really cute picture of you in one of the big, tall chairs you guys love, and then I'll stop taking your picture. I promise."

Me: "Thanks Owen. This (and the ten other pictures like it) is exactly what I had in mind."

And now he's napping and I'm drinking coffee, blogging, and still not using those cleaning supplies.

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  1. Awesome mommy/son time! Grandma LOVES the pictures of "play time" together!!!