Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10 Random Things

1. Isaac is in his room right now laughing hysterically while playing with a woopie cushion

2. I just realized I don't know how to spell woopie cushion.

3. Racist people like the one I met the other day really piss me off. (Probably shouldn't say "piss" on my blog. sorry.)

4. One of the little boys who lives next door oft just walks into our house and starts playing. One day both my older kids were gone and I heard someone in their room. It was him. Kind of funny.

5. I keep getting messages for a rehab facility in my inbox. Don't know why. Maybe somebody thinks I need rehab for my addictions to Diet Dr. Pepper and coffee.

6. I just realized I really want another cup of coffee right about now.

7. I'm reading a book that is equal parts good, boring, and also a bit disgusting. (As in, why am I reading a very graphic description of a guy digging through his own crap looking for a wedding ring?)

9. The kids decorated their bedroom wall with markers this weekend. While it was a beautiful drawing complete with people, jedi knights, and a love note, it was not appreciated.

10. I think it's finally safe to announce that I'm going to be an aunt for the seventh time come May. Congratulations, Sarah Ellen. Thanks for procreating again. (Maybe I shouldn't say "procreating" on my blog either.)

The End.


  1. I'll start with #10....congrats Sarah Ellen and Stephen! YEA! my "old age" I'm getting SO great at cutting off people who tell racist jokes, people who appear to be staring or judging others, etc. I enjoy speaking my mind in a way that lets them know I feel very sorry for their narrow minded thinking. However, IF this person in any offended someone in my family then I need a GPS locator....bring em on!

    While I could comment, laugh, or share a cup of coffee with you for many of the other posts, I think I'll just remind you of your own personal link to #7......your dear dad-in-law has some dental implants that tended to break loose with great regularity when he first got them. Yep, he was VERY high tech IF they were swallowed... involved a window screen and rubber gloves....good times!

  2. You make me laugh!! I liked this post. Thank goodness my kids haven't done the artwork on the wall just yet. Maybe it's because I'm a mean mommie and keep the markers/crayons high out of their reach (and I wonder why my kids never color). Hope it cleaned up quickly for you :) Congrats on being an aunt again!