Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boys will be....well...messy apparently.

Dear Boys,

You're so freakin' cute it makes my heart hurt. Seriously. And I love how you love each other and play well and wrestle and always seem to be attached to one another, especially when your big sister is at school. But seriously, do you have to make such a mess All THE TIME?! Because I really had plenty to do this morning without fishing the gobs of toilet paper that were dumped into the toilet for no apparent reason out. (Matter of fact, I'm pretty sure the culprit of that one can't even use the toilet....) And though some would say the design you made on the white counter top with the blue toothpaste was "art," it was also a sticky mess. I'm just sayin'. Also, going to watch Molly's race yesterday was fun, but next time let's leave the rocks at the park. I don't think any of the six I found this morning did the washing machine or dryer much good last night.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this request.
Your Dear Sweet Mother

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  1. Such an adorable picture of them!!! Boys are so much fun- of course I don't have a girl to compare to, but I love my little man! Always keeps me on my toes...and shaking my head in disbelief! :)

    Oh, and off the subject, I have been meaning to tell you that we are doing Beth Moore's Breaking Free study right now at church! It is incredible and I am getting so much out of it!