Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old friends....

The weekend was a fun and busy one.
We turned this:

into this:
(Don't look too closely or you will see all the flaws. Oh well. It was just something to eat and we had fun making it.)

Here's Emma Grace helping out at the shower. Later it was said we should hire her out for parties. I mean, she kept that party moving. No time to dilly-dally. Auntie Whitney needed to open each gift quickly and before she was done, EG was gathering up trash and getting the next gift ready. (There were a lot of gifts so it might not have been a bad thing....)

Here's a photo of me, the soon to be sleep deprived mother-to-be, and another precious friend who came all the way from Atlanta to be there. The three of us met in seventh grade which means we've known each other for an embarrassing amount of years and we knew each other through embarrassing times. Times full of Whitney Houston songs, crank calls, first crushes, layered bangs (the kind that a tornado could not have moved) and tight rolled jeans....

Here's to hoping the early 90's never come back....
Not sure those tight rolled jeans would look as cute on us now.


  1. The cake looks beautiful and looks like the shower was great! Congrats to Whitney and is that Amanda in the picture with you two??

  2. Yes, that's Amanda. So fun to see her. She surprised Whitney and lots of tears were flowing between the two of them when she showed up.

  3. Fantastic! The cake is AWESOME. My precious little granddaughter looks like she is having a blast and I wish I had helped her with that beater!!! I am amazed at the way Whitney's smile still lights up my heart with joy....how precious! Glad it was a great weekend!