Thursday, September 30, 2010

Road Trip

Is there anything better than a road trip with your favorite gal?

Emma Grace and I are headed to Charlotte tonight after dinner for a whirlwind trip to help throw a baby shower for a dear friend.

We're pumped.
We're ready to do art projects, bake cakes, paint toenails, giggle, go shopping with Nana, and best of all, see Auntie Whitney. :)

Don't get me wrong; we love our boys, but 2 days of girl time sounds lovely right about now.

And upon our return, she's tracked out for the next three weeks. And (as of right now) we have no scheduled doctor appointments next week.....which means.......the possibilities of fun adventures are endless. Woot-woot.


  1. Sounds girls have safe travels and enjoy EVERY moment. Give my love to Whitney also! "The boys" will be just GREAT and you'll be greatly appreciated upon your return!

  2. What a fun weekend that was! Thank you for the visit. We loved it. Mom