Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Gymnast and a Big Oops.

Owen has had the privilege of taking a very intense four week "gymnastics" class with some of the top toddler gymnasts in the triangle. :)

This is his signature I love to stick my tongue out all the time look:

Here he is with his buddy, Leah Kate. They have clearly mastered the sit in a tube and hold a frisbee routine.

So cute.

Not sure he learned any new moves, but he had fun.

We left our last day of "gymnastics" and went to meet some friends for coffee. Good friends. One of these friends I had not seen since June because she's been traveling a lot this summer. When she stood up, I thought "Wow. She looks pregnant." But I didn't say anything because a.) this is a good friend and I figured if she was pregnant, she would have told me, and b.) I've learned the hard way not to ask somebody if they're pregnant unless I see water gushing and a baby head crowning.

So about an hour into the coffee date she was discussing her trip to Disney World and said, "it was great except I only got to ride one ride because of the pregnancy." I became completely ecstatic and said, "You are pregnant! I thought you looked it but I didn't want to say anything."

Everybody staring at me incredulously.....

Yup - she then reminded me with explicit details of the text messaging conversation we had about a month or two or three ago. You know, the conversation where she told me she was pregnant and I told her congratulations and asked her when she was due. (in four months in case you're wondering how far along she is and how many months I've been a delinquent friend....)

I still don't remember the conversation. How sad is that.

And I'm still trying to remove my large foot from my even larger and obviously self absorbed mouth.

Sorry Christina.


  1. At least it wasn't Owen's foot from a gymnastic move gone bad :O You have had quite a bit going on in your own realm too! I think you still have 5 months to be attentive to your friend !!!
    LOVE the foot move on the mat....Olympics here he comes!!!!

  2. Well, at least she hadn't already HAD the baby!