Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Family Pet? I think not....

This picture made me laugh and will most definitely be my new excuse as to why I won't let the kids get a goldfish. Did you know both sets of their cousins have one? Oh, you hadn't heard that travesty yet? Yes, 5 out of their 6 cousins own fish and we have none. Are you devastated?

Talk about a big fish in a little pond.
Seriously, I think this may have been the same fish that swallowed Jonah.

And lest you think me too cruel for not getting them a freaking goldfish: a.) we already have plenty of mouths to feed here and b.) our list of desired pets grows and changes daily, so I hate to commit to one only to find a disappointed child because, while they did originally want a goldfish, now they decided a koala bear would have been better. I mean nobody wins in that scenario - the poor goldfish would be neglected and I would have wasted like 27 cents. The daily pet requests vary between fish, birds, squirrels, cats, turtles, bunnies, bats, slugs, and the latest obsession is sugar gliders. You know, the Australian Marsupials? Yes, every household needs one of those. And when I finally put my foot down and said there was no way we were paying hundreds of dollars for a sugar glider that would probably glide right out of our house and get lost, she they said, "that's okay - Santa will bring us one." I then had to gently explain that I was pretty sure the elves don't know how to make sugar gliders, and even if they did, the sugar gliders may get smothered in the bag of toys; therefore, Santa would probably not be bringing us any sugar gliders this Christmas. Then I got to explain what "smothered" meant.

For right now, certain family members are just going to have to make peace with the 9 year old, slightly geriatric chocolate lab that still pulls her weight in cleaning my kitchen floors.


  1. You have just smothered me in laughter and smiles! Sugar gliders? Really????? Too funny. Let me know if you want me to talk to the elves for you :D

  2. Yes, sugar gliders. They were selling them at our mall recently!? (Except they were calling them sugar bears.)