Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

Today is an odd day in our family.
It is a day where we join our nation in mourning the tragic losses of 9/11.

Yet, it is also a day of celebration. It is the Ethiopian New Year. And though it feels weird to go out and celebrate on this day, it is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate.

So celebrate we did.

Every year we meet at the local Ethiopian Restaurant with other families and we eat until we can't possibly eat another bite and visit with friends. And the kids roam and play and have a grand time. And the waitresses hug and love on the kids and talk about how big they're getting.

And we leave full and happy and blessed to be surrounded by fun friends and an awesome culture.

And we leave knowing how blessed we are to have such an amazing part of that culture living under our roof and in our hearts.

Happy Enkutatash!


  1. Happy Enkutatash! We feel so blessed to have eaten with you at this same restaurant a year ago! Fun to watch ALL the kids interact and to sample all the food.....watching Isaac woof down spicy...incredible! God has blessed us so much and I pray we are always a blessing in all your lives as well! Happy Enkitatash!

  2. oops....typo....Enkutatash! I can SAY it, just can't type it! :D

  3. Incredible photos. A fun holiday for all of you. We love having a connection to the Ethiopian culture although we still have much to learn. XOXOXOXO Mom