Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random Update

The house is a wreck.
Like a big time wreck.
But the good kind of wreck that means you're moving soon.

Todd broke his pinkie toes.
(well, one broken....the other one severely messed up.)
He tells people he did it karate chopping muggers who were going after a sweet little old lady.
(Really he did it falling down the stairs carrying a heavy box of........tee shirts.)

The kids have been doing a lot of this while I pack:
(I know, I'm still waiting to get my Mother-of-the-Year Award some other time.)

We did manage to celebrate Genna or Liddet (Ethiopian Christmas) with a traditional coffee ceremony. Some of Isaac's favorite people in the world were there to celebrate with him and he kept saying: It's Christmas in my Ethiopia today.

Too cute.

Here are the kids wound up after their coffee and popcorn.
In case you were wondering, it is impossible to get a great picture of six kids, six and under. Seriously.

The girl on the right started at her new school this week.
She was scared, but brave. She is such a champ.
I already got a great report from her teacher.
She loves it there.

And this guy down here?
I can't even describe it.
We were so scared to start a new heavy medication for him.
But the doctors said it was time.
And they were right. It was time.
He's gained a pound on it.
He wants to eat all the time.
He's doing awesome.
He's feeling good.
He's doing well in speech therapy.
He's doing better in food therapy.
His heart is perfectly fine.
His GI tract is not acting up right this minute.
And did I mention that he's gained a pound?

We're all happy about this turn of events.
We're all praying it continues.
We all needed it.
We all hope it leads to a reduced amount of doctor appointments soon,
but we don't mind going this often if we keep getting such good news. :)

And that's it for my random update.
Happy Saturday Night.

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  1. We were so thrilled the other day to hear Owen's good report and we are also praying the good news for him continues! We know the journey has been long and very difficult....the turn in the road is a GREAT one!
    I love the pics and am so glad Ethiopian Christmas was celebrated with dear friends! We are so blessed!