Saturday, January 1, 2011



1. Gain weight. Do not start lifting weights or doing sit-ups or push-ups this year.

2. Eat more unhealthy foods. Give up veggies for candy, meat for cake, water for diet coke, etc.

3. Keep cramming the calendar full of events that take away from family dinners and time together. Family time is so overrated.

4. Spend less time reading the bible and more time reading books like Twilight and the Hunger Games.

5. Spend less time cultivating friendships that last.

6. Watch way more tv and play more video games.

(I've never done well with New Year's Resolutions, so I thought this year I would try reverse psychology and see if it helps.)

I'll keep you posted.


(Enjoy these pics of our "overrated" family time together in the snow...) :)

Surprisingly, Owen lasted longer than we thought he would....


  1. precious. Although I wasn't experiencing the suiting up, gotta go to the bathroom, taking it all off, resuiting up process, nor the meltdowns in the cold cold cold! Precious memories though through these pics! Luv U
    P.S. These reverse resolutions are AWESOME! ;)

  2. I should have read your post before I made my new year's resolutions. I like yours more!

  3. I love the pictures!! It is just a reminder of how much I miss the snow :( And I had to chuckle at the resolutions. I have a big list of goals this year and I'm hoping for a successful 2011. We shall see...

    Thanks for the comment on the blog. It's nice to know I'm not the only one finding comedy in such gross topics :)