Thursday, January 27, 2011

We're still alive......

and moved into our new house.

And thanks to our parents and friends, we're 99% unpacked, set up, and have even painted a few rooms. Here's Owen helping pack up our valuables on our last day in our old home.

I'm kicking myself for not taking before pictures, but here is my new kitchen.
The kitchen that was formerly pink.
And I love it. Love, love, love it!
And when I say the kitchen was formerly pink, I actually mean the entire house is pink. We got the boys room and the laundry and master closet painted, and we'll keep right on painting.
I mean, every time I walk in this house I have Steel Magnolias quotes running through my head: "my colors are blush and bashful.... your colors are pink and pink."

But in my georgian brick kitchen?
No Shelby. Nothin' but love. :)

We even had a little bit of sunshine today and took advantage to explore one of the many neighborhood parks.

And even though it was sad to leave the house we brought all three of our babies home to,
and even though I already miss our previous neighbors and friends,
and even though our new neighborhood is a bit more hilly for my runs than I was expecting,
I think we'll be happy in our new pink house.


  1. Life is going to be PEACHY keen there!

    LOVE the pics of the kitchen without all our "stuff" and the tools of the trade for making the appliance connections, etc. Looks inviting and many GREAT meals will be prepared there too.
    Also LOVE the pics of the before packing....Go Owen.....and the playground! Looking forward to our visit in Feb.

  2. wow! i am {{LOVING}} your kitchen wall color. is there such a thing as wall-color envy? if so, i have it. your kitchen is gorgeous.

  3. Yeah! Kitchen looks awesome. More photos please.

  4. Yay! Welcome to your new home and congratulations :)