Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Or lack thereof.

We believe in protecting our environment.
We believe this earth is a gift and we can do small things to help preserve it.
So we recycle. Obviously.

So what happens when you've moved into a new house (a month ago) that doesn't yet have a recycling receptacle to put by the street?


Apparently Todd and I are playing a game called Who's Going to Solve This Issue First and Recycle This Mother Load of Pickle Jars, Empty Boxes, Milk Cartons, and DDP Containers ?

So far we're both losing.

I'm now afraid to open the cabinet where recycling goes.

If one day I'm buried beneath an avalanche of recyclables,
at least I'll leave this world knowing I tried to do my part in protecting the environment.


  1. Good tip for our visit this weekend....do NOT open T&R's recycle cabinet.....do NOT open.....

  2. why do we do that to each other? We keep waiting for the other person to do it, and so it never gets done.