Thursday, February 10, 2011

Title Rut

I'm in a title rut. Actually, to be honest, I'm in a blogging rut.
Can't seem to come up with anything creative to write about.
Maybe that's because the majority of my time is spent doing laundry, dishes, and painting.
Apparently, I'm also in a going to the post office rut.
So, to my beautiful sister who has a birthday today, sorry your gift this year is also going to be late. I know, I're shocked to your very core.
I'm hoping a shout out on the blog makes up for it?
Doubtful though.

But seriously,
Happy Birthday to my baby sister.

You rock.
And I miss you.
And if you were here or I was there,
I would take you out for some Mexican food and margaritas and we would sit there and make inappropriate jokes and crack up together.

Enjoy your last two years of being in your twenties.

1 comment:

  1. Hippo Birdee Two Ewes to Sarah Ellen! Fantastic. Although I think her age is "so low" still that doubling it still doesn't get to MY age.....hmmmm. I love the pictures! The one on the beach is especially pretty....just like your sister! Love to both of you. I know the miles are far but they fade with the happy memories -and lots of phone and email contacts!