Monday, June 11, 2012


Remember the time you were downloading pics off your camera from the church picnic the night before?

And then remember when a bunch of photos showed up that you didn't recall taking?

And then remember when you realized they were from your child's sixth birthday gathering and you never blogged about it because you left town that very night after the party?



I remember that.

Happy Very Belated Blog Update to my Sweet Sweet Six Year old!

You are so loved! Even when I forget to update my blog, you are loved. I'm glad you came into this world and into my life. I couldn't ask for a funnier, sweeter son.

PS - Could you please slow down on this whole growing thing?


  1. That balloon in the last photo makes Isaac's hair look huge, but as usual, still absolutely adorable.

  2. Absolutely priceless but I agree on the SLOW DOWN on the growing up thing! Six years of joy and love and smiles and everlasting memories as a family!