Thursday, September 13, 2012

Climbing Out

So apparently I'm a little bit transparent.

Maybe too transparent?

Todd said, "I read your blog. I'm so proud of you. I love that you're not afraid to just put it all out there and not worry about what others will think."

Hhmmmmmm? Compliment?

But come on, really? I think I started losing my pride the minute that little boy claimed his space in my world. I mean even when I was pregnant he got stuck in an awkward spot and I had to go to the hospital and I'll actually spare you the details of getting him back to where he needed to be, but let's just say, there was no pride in that room. It was sheer and utter humiliation...... And God was probably laughing and thinking "oh, just you wait. Because this one is going to change you from the inside out. I have big plans for this one and you and what you "think" life should look like."

And I'm thankful God had those plans.

Because when you're clawing your way out of the trench, it gives you a perspective you might not have had otherwise.

And we're clawing our way out of this damn trench.

The OT says she thinks it was just a perfect storm of too many changes and too man nasty eosinophils that sent him spiraling. 

And he's slowly returning to his normal.
Because that means I can slowly return to my normal.
Which isn't "normal" just so you know. :)

But Todd took him to school today and he had another great drop-off. That's two days in a row.
Awwww Yeah.

And I get to do this:

Coffee, candles, Adele, and blogging in a quiet house.

Yes please.


  1. transparency is a good thing. being open and real is why people come back and read more. i tend to over share and sometimes my filter gets cracked and things leak thru that shouldnt :-O

    your coffee mug is too cute. glad you had some time to yourself this morning!

    1. We definitely need to hang out then!! I love it when other people don't have filters either. ;) plus, Cinda says you're hilarious and we would get along great.......I'm thinking we get to know each other better??? :)

  2. I read this AFTER our phone conversation tonight.....great timing and glad I agree that you are doing an outstanding job reflecting and sharing! It is honest and shows genuine love in the midst of turmoil too! Those moments of time refueling yourself are SO important!!!

  3. hurray! I'm glad you are finally climbing up instead of sliding down.