Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Rachel

As you know, this blog is authored by our family's matriarch, Rachel. Not today. Today, the rest of the clan have hacked into her account to celebrate her big day. So here goes with a tribute to the glue that holds the Fab Fischer 5 together.

Mommy you are so pretty. You are so nice because you like to watch movies on Sunday nights with me and Emma Grace and Owen. I like you because you like to tuck me into bed and you are like the queen today because it is your birthday. I love you! I hope you enjoy your birthday!
- Isaac

Mommy loves me because I want to go bowling (There was a bowling coupon on the table and he got distracted). I love Mommy because she plays with me and takes me to Miss Ashley's. She lets me drink water. I like that she gives me toys. I want to tell her Happy Birthday!
- Owen

Happy Birthday Mommy. I like that you watch us and that you watch movies with us. You are beautiful and I love that you're funny like me. You're a lot like me :). Well, have a good Birthday! (She had to get back to making you flowers from paper and pipe cleaners)
- Emma Grace

I know I annoy you when I drink water for 10 minutes straight and snore in my bed but I want you to know I love you. I try to earn my keep by letting Owen crawl all over me without biting him. Every time I puke on the floor or take a dump in the house and Todd gets mad because he has to clean it up you always stick up for me. Thanks for that. You're right, "I am getting old." Nice to know you are too. Happy Birthday!
- Kaia

I can't believe we have celebrated 16 of your birthdays together. Words can't express how much you mean to me. I love your crazy humor, the depth of your love for our family and the fact that you always put up with my annoying habits (and smells). Basically I want to say thanks for being the most wonderful wife and mother of my children I could possibly imagine. Happy Birthday!

Happy 35th Birthday to the most wonderful wife/mother a family could ever dream to have. From your crazy family...


  1. How thoughtful of your "crazy family" to create the pic for this year's Christmas card too....just photoshop yourself into that last pic and you're set!
    I hope your special day has been wonderful and that you feel the love and appreciation of your family! LUV U !

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel! I love you because you make me great dinners when my family is in crisis. I also think it's great that you let Owen have water. Maybe I should start letting my kids drink it instead of just apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Also, I'm glad that EG was able to vicariously love herself more through you. She sounds like my kind of girl. Hope you have a great day!