Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pre Mid-Life Crisis?

Meet my pre mid-life crisis:

And no, I did not bring her home. 

But I wanted to so badly!

I bombarded Todd with pics of her and he told me I was being unfair and to get the hell out of dodge. Dodge being the animal shelter. (To be fair, before leaving for the shelter, I was under strict instructions from said husband to just hand out the dog treats and not come home with a dog......but also to be fair, he did not instruct me not to go into the cage and fall in love with said puppy...... and technically puppies are different than dogs.......so technically I was not breaking any rules.......) Funniest part was when when I got home and he realized she was the exact same mix as his childhood dog, he had a complete change of heart and told me I should go back and get her. So I immediately picked up the phone to call about her, but luckily for us,  it was already too late. She's  pending adoption from another family because she's so freaking adorable. And yes we're lucky it worked out that way because let's just be honest, we need another mouth to feed about as much as we need....well I can't think of anything right now......but we don't need another mouth to feed. Let's just say that.

I miss her already.

And I think I would have named her Lucy.

Just in case you're wondering.

She looks like a Lucy, doesn't she?



  1. oh oh oh OH.....my heart is broken she isn't a Fischer Family grandpuppy and yes it is great she has a home if it works out that way, but oh oh OH she IS cute.....sweet.....adorable....a Lucy!

    Sigh.....grandma fish would buy puppy food!!! honest.....What a sweet little face. Ok, I'll stop. It's hard though....

  2. Wait.....one more thing....those ears are beyond precious!!!! Ok, I MIGHT be done........

  3. lucy has such a cute little face!!! im glad you mentioned that she is getting a home or i would have wanted to go by there on my way home from work. i have to stay away from those places. following the spca on facebook is hard enough. they always have the cutest little pups up for adoptions and the pics they post pull on my heart strings real bad.