Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanks to the Giving

We got home tonight from our Thanksgiving spent in the mountains. 

And yes, this is what our day of giving thanks looked like:

I know, seriously?
I'm jealous and I was there. :)

So so blessed with beautiful weather and surroundings.

We all enjoyed family time and bowling with cousins.

And we got home tonight and kicked it into high gear. The house was transformed before the kids went down for the night.

I swear there is nothing better than blasting Christmas music and decorating for the holidays. 

Everyone had very specific jobs.

Emma Grace held the highest ranking as our Decoratorial Manager. Yes, that is not a real word. But seriously, she remembered every single spot where things went last year, so the theme of the night when problems arose was "ask Emma Grace." And Sister runs a tight ship. Bins were unloaded and the house was decorated in less than three hours. I think that's a personal record.

Isaac got bored with decorating and kept claiming he was going to faint if we got out one more thing, so he became our Resident Dog Watcher. And he did a great job with that until Lucy started humping Kaia. Then Todd had to step in and help and give Lucy "the talk" about inappropriate behavior. We're pretty sure she understood and it will not happen again.

I know, I know. She looks so innocent.

And Owen did what he does best - looked cute, fixated on one ornament at a time, and somehow ended up overhearing and misinterpreting a conversation happening in the other room and started calling Jesus a "Poser baby." Then when I laughed hysterically because how can you not(?), he kept repeating it. Uh oh. Not good, Owen. Not good. Todd had "the talk" with him too.....we're pretty sure he understood and it won't happen again. 

I know, I know. He looks so innocent too.


Anywho, I guess what I'm trying to say through all this hoopla is Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that no matter where life finds you at this point, that you are able to seek out the blessings and focus on the joy of the season.

And if not, I hope you at least got a good sale or something on Black Friday.



  1. Adorable pics! Wish we were there! :(

  2. Loved the mountain pics, the decorating pics, Lucy, and the kids! Had a great "Face Time" video tour of the decorations tonight with Todd and the the reading room! The tree is beautiful and Isaac told me there is room on the mantel for Chips and I to hang our stockings!!!

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful holiday it was for us. Thanks for sharing it with us. Bowling is definitely my favorite sport, especially when the grandkids play! What a hoot!