Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Pics

The Annual Holland and Fischer Family Halloween Photo Shoot.

Iron Man, Cheetah Girl, and Harry Potter.

Thor and Batman joined forces to protect their ballerina princess.
(And she got to wear makeup which she was pumped about....)

Christina showed up with her three and they definitely won the costume award in my eyes. Especially since she made them and she's working full time. Supermom, you put the rest of us to shame.

And yes, the bose speakers played music. Seriously?!

Three kids and a pup checking out their loot.

And just because I know you love her too......

Happy November!
 Bring on the Turkey!


  1. What incredible Halloween fun!! Adorable costumes with especially cute faces to go with them. I am jealous that I couldn't be there. Love to all.

  2. Love all the cute costumes and the tradition with Fischer/Holland fun! LOVE the one with them in "pairs" down the stairs and even one family all in a column on each side....could have been planned by a few years ago that would have caused chaos among the ranks! SWEET one of your 3 at the bottom!!!