Friday, October 26, 2012

Little Cujo

Oh my gosh you guys, I just realized I haven't updated you on our littlest addition. 

And even though nobody has asked or cares, I know you're all just dying on the inside to hear some more about her.

I'm so so sorry to keep you waiting on pins and needles.

Little Lucy is................

(Except when she's at Aunt Cinda's house. Again, we couldn't be more sorry. Really. She feels terrible. I can see it in her eyes.......)

Ahem - anyways,  normally she's very sweet.

And she loves the kids.

And she doesn't run off.

And she mostly makes it outside to do her business.
(Except at Aunt Cinda's house....Again, so sorry!)

Her downfalls? She chews and digs.
But come on, really? Who doesn't do that?

And the hubs is still "warming up" to her. He loves to pretend to hate her, but deep deep deep deep deep down somewhere, I think he really likes her. Deep deep deep down.

Although when he looked up St. Bernard puppy pics the other night, I thought he was going to kill me.

"Geez, Rachel! You adopted a freaking St. Bernard!"

I was quick to explain that the vet says she is only part St. Bernard.

And I didn't know that when I adopted her.

And anyways, who doesn't need a 200 pound, drooling mastiff when they have three kids, tons of medical bills, and another dog to feed? I mean sheesh - lighten up. (J/K Todd. If she does end up to be a 200 pound drooling Cujo, you have my permission to throw it back in my face until she eats us and/or we grow old and die of natural causes.)

But her paws are little so I think hope hope hope she'll be little like her mama.

And she doesn't drool yet.

I mean, what can I say?

I sure do know how to pick em.

And that's your latest update from Crazy Dog Lady.

Until next time, you're welcome.


  1. I can sleep better tonight now that I have been updated. Thank goodness we aren't going to another game anytime soon.

    1. I knew you were worried sick about your furry niece. I'll try to update you more often so as to lessen your anxiety over her well being.

  2. When I saw the title of this post, I thought "Oh my goodness the crazy lady has adopted ANOTHER dog and named him Cujo." HA! Glad to see you are happy with Lucy. She looks so sweet and I don't think her paws look all *that* big. :)

  3. It's true...her paws are humongous....well, sort of....maybe not. She IS cute though so it will all work out when she is bigger than your furniture! Seriously, the pic of Kaia and Lucy together....precious!