Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Auntie Again

I finally got permission to share some news:

This girl that grew up to be the best sister anyone could ever hope for

is making me an aunt again.

I'm so pumped!

(And we all know this is all about me, right?)

That's right people, (Birthday Shout Out) peeing on all those sticks finally paid off.....

And if you want to know how to scare the crizzap out of your husband one day, show him a picture of somebody else's positive pregnancy test and say "Guess Who?"

I wasn't even trying to scare him seeing as I've basically been spayed.

But seriously, all the color drained from his face and I thought I might have to get out the smelling salts. It was kind of fun.

So congratulations to The Livingston Family. Can't wait to meet your newest little one!

Oh and buckle up, because three kids age four and under is one crazy ride. 

At least that's what I've heard.....


  1. Precious blessings to Sara Ellen and Stephen! I'm SO excited for them, but mostly of course for YOU because you know what it IS all about you!!! I can't wait to hear the retelling of the "guess who is pregnant" conversation!!!! Love to the Popeye and Nana....they'll need a bigger front porch soon for those family pics!!!!

  2. Oh....and BTW....how did you get a pose of your sister as a child and Emma Grace sitting beside her? Pretty tricky!

  3. good trick, that one will work for a good april fools trick!

  4. Couldn't be more excited for both of the two sisters! What fun we will all have with a new little one. So glad you get to be an Aunt again!!