Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Gotta admit, I was scared and worried I had made a really bad decision last Saturday when the puppy was injured after just five hours in our home. (She's fine now.....)

But my m-i-l reassured me when she basically said "you have to have a dog. Not having a dog in your family is not an option and this transition may be better than waiting" until......well, you know." 

And she made me feel better about my puppy decision.

And she was right.

And the youngest is doing better with her and (dear Lord, hopefully) learning valuable lessons in gentleness and temper.

And my neighbor brought me a book about training your dog (I guess she's already worried.....) and I read that you should not let your children in the crate with your puppy. Your new puppy should have her own space to get away and feel safe.

Well crap. We already messed that one up.

Sorry Lucy. 

But you may as well get used to how things roll around here.

PS - Someday soon I'll write a post about something other than dogs. Just be thankful you're not my sister. I text her new pics of Lucy about every five seconds. I'm pretty sure she may have her phone number changed soon......


  1. congrats on the new addition to your family! she is soooo freaking cute. oh, and dont worry about the crate and space thing ... im sure she will invade your bubble enough by sitting in laps after she is way too big and licking/sniffing at inappropriate things and places ... a few impromptu crate visits wont scar her :)

    also, i have puppy breath envy right now!!!

  2. She will be a special edition to the Fischer family.....our cats, Riggo & Pat, are especially excited that right now there is a Fischer dog SMALLER than they are! I love the pics you sent of my sweet Owen being so quiet and gentle with Lucy !!!