Thursday, October 11, 2012

Empty Womb Syndrome

Is it really mid October already.


As the weather cools and we adjust to pants and long sleeves, (guess who has a hard time with that and we watch the leaves change, I'm amazed that 2012 is dwindling down. Time literally flies. Except on the days that it crawls.

The kids continue to love school and do well. Isaac and Emma Grace both love their teachers and classes and we even got to celebrate a positive office referral for Isaac last week. I love that their school does that. He was on cloud Nine for days. 

Emma Grace entered an art contest last week and still claims that she is going to be an art teacher when she grows up because she loves art and she loves to tell people what to do. (Okay I added the last part.....but it's true.)

Owen has finished all his evaluations except for one because he got tired and told the developmental therapist he was done. And when he's done, he's done. He has finally transitioned back into school and settled into a routine that suits him well. He goes to school, comes home, eats lunch, and then plays with the dogs until the kids get home, says hi, and then plays with the dogs until it's time for dinner, and then he eats, and then he plays with the dogs until bedtime. And then he cries that the dogs can't sleep with him. Are you sensing a pattern here? And he has started social therapy at school and I love what's coming from that. He says hello and goodbye to other students now without prompting and he's so damn proud of himself when he does it. And we're pretty dang proud too. And we're still chugging away at OT one Monday at a time. Basically what I'm trying to say, knock on wood, is that we are good right now...... so I'm trying to embrace each day and build us up before the next storm hits. You know what I mean?

The weather was phenomenal yesterday so we walked, biked, scootered, and ignored homework for as long as possible, and it was crazy fun.

And I had book club last night.  I love love love book club. The six of us have been meeting now for seven years. And holy cow if those girls can't get me laughing. And we learned last night that two of us got puppies and one of us got two new kittens in the past two weeks. Is that not hysterical? And the three of us who did that all have babies who are 3 years old now? Hhhmmmmmmmmm...........empty womb syndrome?  I'm thinking, yes.

So here's Alaina with her new "baby" that she brought last night. 
So so cute!

The kittens didn't come. And I didn't know it was bring your puppy to book club night so poor Lucy stayed home and missed out on riveting, wet your pants, conversations.

I can tell she was disappointed.
Poor Little Lamb.


  1. Love the fact that your book club gals are hanging tough over the several ....well many!....years! What a great group it must be and w/the animal influx it must have been hysterical to discover.

    It is awesome for the great report on all 3 kids and that life with the Autumn season is settled. I know things can change quickly but let's all just sit back and enjoy the moment. Ahhhh....I need more coffee and then will scroll the pics for the 10th time!

  2. I was at the animal shelter today with the kids looking for a perspective new member of the family so I must be suffering from acute empty womb syndrome!!! : ) I love that Owen loves the dogs. How awesome. Hoping that Kaia is transitioning well! Love the pics. I need to hear how it is having a puppy.

  3. sounds like you are a in a better place, that makes me Soooooo happy, so happy i might think about feeling better.