Friday, February 7, 2014

Something New

Dear Autistic Mama's,

We're trying something new this week.
And (knock on wood) it's helping.

We're numbering and labeling our day in the order it will happen and letting Owen draw it the way he sees it happening instead of using stickers or magnets.

This is one of Owen's days:

1. Starbucks coffee/Target Run
2. Play at Home
3. Play at school with dinosaurs
4. Come back home
5. Wait for EG and Isaac to get home.
6. Play with Emma Grace and Isaac
7. Eat Dinner.
8. Go to bed.

Now I'm not gonna lie, this activity takes awhile. And it takes patience because if the drawing doesn't turn out the way he likes, well then (obviously) we have to start over.  BUT it has been helpful. Even his teacher commented that he was having an easier time transitioning into school instead of shutting down and going to sleep.

 You see that smile there?

That's a public smile! Public! 
He had his list in his pocket. He pulled it out often to see what was next and he still wanted to be carried, but he was smiling AND interacting with me while there. He wasn't overwhelmed. We had a really fun morning. Seriously. I enjoyed being out with him so much! And life doesn't always happen like that.

Now I know what works for some of us doesn't work for others. 
And I know this may not be a long-term fix, but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. So if your kid likes art and struggles with transitions, give it a try. It may not work, but then again it may. You might get to go out in public and drink coffee and have a tear-free morning. And that's worth a million bucks right there.

One Excited Autistic Mama


  1. YAY! What a huge victory and such a huge smile in reward. When this pic popped up for me I was so touched because like you I knew right away where he was and that to smile like that might not be easy! Way to go art, patience, number/transition pics, Mom, more patience and our hero....OWEN!! I might have to try this technique with my adventures with Jeff....but I will be the one w/the pics in the pocket!

  2. So, I had basically forgotten to read the blog. I have just read from October through now. I am a good family member. It has been good reading. I would like to let you know that Will just now has become proficient in tying his shoes, so perhaps shoelaces and losing one's shitznit in the cold are both Fischer traits? I also pretty much lost my shiznit in the cold.

  3. Love, love, love his drawings! Especially #7 with his dinner plate FULL of food! Too adorable. So glad it is working. Art works wonders for many of us. Love you.