Friday, February 21, 2014


When we were pregnant with our third, we realized we needed a practical vehicle that could fit three young kids, car seats, strollers, pack n' plays, etc. So we did what other practical families of five do and bought a used minivan. And that used minivan has been dying a slow and painful death for the past two years.

We said farewell last weekend. 

And I told the kids to enjoy this amount of legroom for the last time:

Because that leg room is gone. Finito. It ain't never coming back.

We downsized to a used, hopefully very reliable mazda 5.

Some people refer to it as a wagon, and some still call it a minivan. If it is a "minivan,"  it uses the term "mini" very literally.

The legroom is gone, but so is gas guzzling. 
And so far, I really like it.
Zoom Zoom.

I may change that opinion on our first road trip when we have to strap the kids to the top of the car so the dogs and luggage will have a place to sit......but you know.....I think they might like it up there.

PS - We call her "Tiny."

In other News:
Emma Grace made us a special Valentine's Day Breakfast while we were snowed in.
Love this girl and her sweet spirit.

Isaac had student led conferences yesterday.
He and his teacher seem to agree that he does a great job in school but is a bit on the talkative side.
That was not shocking, brand-new information.

My goddaughter is still precious as can be and she is a CHUNK. None of my babies were chunks so I find it hilarious. I mean this girl can do some eating. I love nothing more than a girl who eats!

Speaking of eating, this one is still hanging out in the 10th percentile which pretty much rocks my socks. We're aiming for higher than that, but still.....dude has never hit the 10th and stayed there for longer than like 30 minutes before. We're now two months at 10th.

Woot Woot!

And last but not least, I'm so glad to know that swimsuit season is right around the corner. Hands down, this is my favorite time of the year. I love nothing more than a good challenge of cramming my muffin top into a swimsuit.

And I'm also so so happy that Target found some leftovers from their 1980's stock of swimsuits for us to choose from. Thank you, Jesus. That is one hot swimsuit right there.

(My sincere apologies to anyone who actually likes the above swimsuit. I'm sure some people can pull it off. Just nobody who lives in this house.)

Happy Weekending.


  1. i saw tiny at church on sunday and was very impressed! at first i was all like, did they all fit in there? does todd have to take a separate car? and then i saw that 3rd row and was like "wow"

    that is all ... have a super friday :)

  2. I love Elizabeth's comment because it might lead us ALL to watch you unload like a bunch of clowns coming out of one of those TINY cars in the center ring....too funny. Glad that the newest vehicle is on its way to being a reliable transport for the Fischer clan! Tiny she is! At least "waving to the 2nd sand dune" when you depart will be much easier now with the kids strapped on top! I'll put "bug shields" on the list for 2014 birthdays!

  3. ready for swim season too! although I may have to wear a dress in the pool….