Sunday, August 17, 2014

Beachin' It

We had two awesome family beach trips this summer. Both involved cousins, grandparents, sunshine, water and alcohol......

I forgot my camera on the July 4th trip so I'm going to have to bug my sister-in-law to share pics to post from that one. Hint hint hint, Allisen, hint hint hint hint.........

But here was the rare opportunity of all three Roberts kids and families in the same house for an extended amount of time. I did not forget my camera so here are eight billion pics of eight cute cousins, age ten and under, running amok:

These boys are seriously outnumbered. Beach trips when the girls are teenagers are going to be interesting. Maybe they can rent their own separate house to avoid the Festival De Estrogen?

Emma Grace was our in-house babysitter which means basically, every five minutes somebody would yell her name and she would go fetch Ellie Kate and try to prevent her from drowning. She did a good job and never charged us one penny.

This one was the first one up and out of the house every morning with whichever kids were ready to go. He had sunscreening down to an exact science. The rest of us adults sat around in the quiet - drinking coffee and chatting and thanking the Lord that Todd likes the water (and the kids) so much.

And these two made the trip possible.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great week of relaxation and family time and laughs. And if we go again, I really hope Chucky's Bride is still there: armless, naked, and doing her stretches on the roller. ;)

I miss that creepy doll already.

School starts tomorrow for me and next Monday for the kids.
All three kids.
In elementary school.
I'll save that (elated/gut wrenching/when did we all get so old?!) post for another day.

So long Summer 2014.
I hate to see you go.


  1. Awesome memories and great ones in pictures. Between Allisen and I we MUST have some pics to share from the 4th festival.....Hurricane and all! Love that Todd found joy in that early outdoor fun.....I would have been savoring the quiet and coffee too!!!

  2. What great photos and what a lot of fun we had!! Dad and I are still laughing at the funny things the grandkids said or did! Of course, if you don't share your pics with me you will be written out of the will. I know that has you shaking in your boots!!