Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Parenting Fail

So I've already mentioned that I've gone back to work. 

And going back to work has meant figuring out childcare and getting everybody where they need to be and getting myself to work on time. And let's not even mention the state of my home as we try to figure all this out?!

Seriously. Working Moms - I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO THIS!!!!

Please please please please give me tips!

Anywho........One day we were trying to get out the door. And Owen was upstairs screaming about (what else?) his shoes of course. And the other two were chasing each other in circles around me downstairs.

Me: Get in the car.

Me two minutes later: Get. In. The. Car.

Me five minutes later after getting Owen's shoes on: GET IN THE CAR!

Me seven minutes later after watching Owen join the other two in chasing one another and laughing hysterically:


Kids: Dead silence. Heads down. Walking towards the car. Whispering, "Mom just said "freaking." I thought we weren't supposed to say that."

Me walking towards the car whispering to myself......"I am not even apologizing. They're lucky I didn't say the real thing......"

Just one example of my many parenting fails. 
And reading this made me laugh hysterically this morning, especially since I watched Breaking Bad this summer and I do love me some Jesse.


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  1. That reminded me of my many "fails" during those Wonder Bread Years of working/juggling/struggling/etc. You are NOT alone.....just keep hanging in there. When you can't.....well, stand at the top of your plantation and say "tomorrow's another day"! You got this! (take it from one whose gone up the stairs to help with the shoe situation only to find he was actually downstairs)