Friday, July 10, 2015

All Things Texas Style

I'm a little bit behind on updating the blog, but the kids and I headed to Texas the last week in June for a week to visit my sister and her family. We had a great time and the six cousins had a blast together. 

I'll basically allow the pics to speak for themselves.

There was baseball, dairy farms, wrestling, walks, and of course, frogs in toilets.

 Isaac got to meet the number one MLB draft player, Dansby Swanson, on the airplane. Super nice guy. He gave us his autograph and a picture. Isaac was in Heaven.

One day we went out to a dairy farm, fed the cows, and bought unpasteurized milk.
In case you're ever in a similar situation, the following advice may be helpful. You're welcome.

Tips for Removing Frogs From Public Toilets at Dairy Farms in Texas:

1. Pick frog up gently from the stomach.
2. Apologize that you have to remove him, but let him know it could be worse. You could have flushed him.
3. Put him on the floor where you can see him at all times to avoid a surprise frog attack.
4. Finish your business and wash your hands with hot water and soap. Lots of soap.
5. Freak out when you realize there is no soap and you just had your hands in a public toilet.
6. Take a full arm bath using your sister's baby wipes and hand sanitizer.
7. Next time, flush the frog.

Uncle Stephen played baseball with all the boys each night.
He had more patience than I would have had so my sister and I decided to help by sitting on the sidelines drinking beer. I think the boys learned a lot from our lack of participation.

Batter Up!
AKA Ellie Kate.

My lovely sister and her new running partner. If she can ever get him to leave the house.

Is there anything cuter than a snaggle tooth six year old?
Methinks not.

This is my sister reincarnated in both looks and spitfire sassiness:
Love me some Lainey Anne.

The current owners of the house my mother grew up in let us come by and take a tour. It was amazing to show the kids the house their great-grandaddy built and one that I have so many fond memories of visiting. They loved it.

We also wanted to visit my grandparent's graves.

That did not go so well.
In case you're ever in a similar situation? Some more advice. Again, you're welcome.

TIPS for visiting Graves in Texas:
1. (And this is probably the most important tip)
Make sure you are at the correct cemetery.
2. Don't go in the middle of the day when it is super hot outside.
3. Leave Owen at home unless you enjoy listening to screaming and watching him fall listlessly to the ground because he just can't walk anymore! ("Anymore" being the two foot radius that he walked around the car while refusing to help us look for the graves.)

We also filled our days with museums, swimming, gym classes, where I refuse to believe my sister was not trying to kill me, good food, church, and lots of play time. I abhor living so far from family, so it was such a blessing to have that time together.

Thank you, Aunt Sarah Ellen and Uncle Stephen for housing us and putting up with our shenanigans.

And especially thank you for introducing me to Lime-a-rita beer.
Life. Changer. ;)

Come see us soon!

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  1. Seems there was a lot of beer drinking in Texas! What a shock! You inherited that gene from your father - definitely not me. But, yes, I'm definitely jealous that I wasn't there! Love the photos. What did Owen name the frog?