Thursday, July 16, 2015

OBXing it!

Continuing on with Summer Fun....

As per tradition, we spent the fourth of July celebrating with Todd's family and the kids got to spend time with their grandparents both before and after our planned trip. They of course, had a blast! 

Again, I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

Will and Isaac. Best Cousins. Best Buds.

These next two shots are me trying to get Little Lachlen to take a selfie with Aunt Rachel. Lachlen hates me. He always has. He would never let me hold him as a baby and no amount of bribery has improved our relationship. The escape artist will have none of my shenanigans.

You and Me, Lachlen. One day about sixteen years from now, I'm going to buy you a beer or two and we're going to talk it out and bury our troubled past and become the best of friends. Just you wait.

The kids stayed on with their grandparents and I got three whole days of blessed silence and peace. It was much needed. 

They had a blast on their many adventures in the water and out.

And apparently some people find them tiring.
Who Knew?

I asked for pics with Grandma in them, but she being the typical mom figure was obviously the one manning the camera. Why is this always the case? So then I started facebook stalking her and it was clear she is still the one manning the camera when it comes to the grandkids. But I did find this pic that I love of these two people who love and support us and are always up for an adventure. See? She does exist?

Thanks Grandma and Chips for hosting our kiddos and showing them a good time OBX style!! 

We love you!


  1. Funny you had to work to find a pic of me, but funnier that this is a self ie and I am once again manning the camera 😘

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