Thursday, November 12, 2015

A week in the Life Of.......

When your six year old has a sudden urge to display his artistic flare on walls and a leather couch,

rubbing alcohol and olive oil can be used to help remove the masterpiece.

When that same six year old brings home the class pet for a few days,

and the damn rodent darling hamster bites the crap out of him,

hydrogen peroxide can be used both to clean the cut, and get the blood stains out of your carpet.

When your nine year old takes the dogs out for a walk and one of the dogs drags him through mud,

an immediate bubble bath can help soothe aches and pains while getting dirt off the body.

When you're stuck in bed with a random bout of pneumonia and you feel like you are about to cough your lungs out of your body,

Having your ten year old daughter nearby perusing catalogs and catching your lungs as they fly out can be really helpful.

November 2015?
Not my favorite month so far......


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  2. After I found out about your pneumonia, my first thought was Emma Grace is probably in there with you reading or getting you things you need. Still, I need Scotty to beam me up so I can be there for some extra TLC and help with kids! As for the other clean up you've been tackling, I'll just cover the areas with evidence circles and you can get them when you feel better.....I'm thoughtful that way!