Monday, November 2, 2015

Helloween 2015


The kids went as the lego movie crew. They looked amazing thanks to the Hollands. Todd and I had shockingly little to do with the costumes this year.....Boo us. We didn't even buy or carve a pumpkin this year. We are scrooges. Total scrooges. Sorry Barron and Danelle. I would say we'll do better next year, but I think we all know....that's not going to happen.....

Our three were Batman, Wild Style, and Bad Cop.

 The Holland Three were UniKitty, RocketMan, and Emmett.

The Two that started all this Helloween Craziness ten plus years ago......

End of the night Trading Post. 
There were some serious deals going down in this room. 
Serious deals.

The costumes that we so graciously let our friends build.
I know, we're amazing.......
They're lucky to have us.......

One pic of all six legos before the real fun began.
And by real fun, I mean listening to Owen scream, watching Leah Kate's pants fall down because she couldn't get her hands back there to pull them up, pulling them up for her and then realizing I gave her a major wedgie, seeing multiple falls as they stumbled around like drunk people because they either could not see, or could not get their legs to move well in the cardboard, and realizing it was 100% worth it because they had a blast, and let's face it, Danelle and I pretty much laughed the whole way through all these shenanigans.

Love these kids.
Love love love doing life with these friends.

THANK YOU Barron and Danelle for making this awesome Halloween happen!

And as Danelle says, 
Next year? They're all six going as ghosts.

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