Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful People

Saturday we had the privilege of joining many other adoptive families at the home of a local Ethiopian couple. Moges and Tenu welcomed us with open arms...and there were a LOT of us. It was an honor to meet them, to see their beautiful family, to eat their amazing food and to be surrounded by Ethiopians, both young and old.

What fun to watch these children grow.

To see these two brothers interact - these brothers who don't let age or race interrupt their bond.

To see a single woman finally have her dreams of motherhood come true.

To see this cherubic little boy run around in his Ethiopian attire that shows the beauty of their culture: rich and vibrant, full of life.

It was a great opportunity for Isaac to be around other families that look like ours. Actually, who am I kidding, it was great for me too.

The highlight of my day was watching Emma Grace eat the food. Seriously, if you knew this girl a few years ago and had told me she would one day LOVE Ethiopian food, I would have laughed in your face. Her favorite dish is called "dor'a wat" and it is spicy. And it was especially spicy on Saturday. And she would take a few bites and ask desperately for water, and then keep right on going. It was humorous and also showed me how much she loves her brother. I mean, I can't get the girl to try ketchup, but she'll go to town on some spicy Ethiopian food.

What was Isaac's favorite part of the day?
The coffee, of course.

Loved it.

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  1. The picture of the brothers could be Isaac and Owen....awesome :D

    Embracing all our combined cultures makes us each a more interesting, more caring, and more empathetic person! Love the food too....amazing that EG has gone from looking strangely at something "icky" like a sliced carrot to consuming mass quanitites of Ethiopian food (and water of course!). Love it!