Friday, May 21, 2010

Life is a Highway...

You know that song, Life is a Highway, I think right now I would re-title it, "Life is a BUSY Highway," or "Life is I-40 at 5:00," or....well....I think you get the picture.

For one thing, it feels like just yesterday we walked through the door with our beautiful baby boy and this week he turned 4. How is that possible when I still so clearly remember him like this? I could write an entire break down and sobbing post about how I am so grateful for the hard decisions that were made that brought him into my arms, and how I wish certain people could absolutely, without a doubt, know what an amazing person he is.... is too busy, so that post will have to wait. (Though some of those tears have been shed this week, because man...this kid has changed my life.)

And speaking of baby boys.... this one has come a long way, but still has a ways to go. He's gained a 1/2 lb in the last three weeks which is beyond awesome, but we're not out of the woods yet. Weekly trips to UNC are keeping us busy, but we are feeling confident that we're seeing the right doctors, trying the right medicines, and making progress....finally.

And this one? She is the cause of much upheaval, unbeknownst to her. She was not accepted into a magnet school, and our appeal letter did not change that situation, so we're working around the clock to get the house on the market. We're not trying to get into the number one school, but let's just say, we're trying to get out of one of the least desirable schools. She's a hoot about the whole moving thing. I've never seen someone worry so much about whether or not their Polly Pockets will like the new house, or if the new house will be stinky, or if the new house will be further away from the Super Target? (That last example is a very legitimate fear.)

So that's life right now.
Unbelievably busy.

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  1. Above all the busy of that highway you're on I hear clearly your pure joy and love for your kids and I know that will sustain you in those traffic jams! :D I'm so glad we shared that highway with you last weekend! So much fun and blowing out candles with great! EG shared the Super Target comment with me too....too funny! Love - Grandma Fish