Thursday, May 13, 2010

June Cleaver

I've always wanted to be "her." You know who I'm talking about. The Mom. The one who never yells and always looks nice. The one who has a clean house, a casserole in the oven, and homemade cookies in the cookie jar. The one who takes her kids on cool adventures that they tell their friends about the next day. The one who never forgets her diaper bag, always has a healthy, organic snack to offer, and is never running late for doctor appointments or school. You know that mom. The one who I'm hoping, for my own benefit, only exists on television or in movies.

Well today, I was so close.
Really, I was almost that Mom.

Yup - I loaded up the bikes and scooters and headed out to our favorite park. We rode until we could ride no longer and then played on the swings and in the sand.

And when they asked if we could go down to the creek, I replied, "of course, my darlings."

And we laughed and climbed and threw leaves to watch them float down the current. (You know, because that mom always does something that is both fun and educational.)

And when they asked if they could take off their tennis shoes and play in the water, I replied, "of course, my darlings." Because that mom knows that life is more important than worrying about getting your new shorts wet and dirty or getting sticks in your hair.

And when the baby wanted to join his siblings, I of course let him while holding his hand and taking cute pictures of his little piggies. Because that is what that mom does. She multi-tasks.

And then that mom deserted me.

She left quickly and it was just me. And while picking the baby up out of the water, I fell. And not a graceful, pretty fall like that mom would have done. Nope, an ugly, on your face fall that was blocked by my camera and my baby. Yup, you read that right. I now have cuts and scrapes on both elbows (they took the brunt of the fall to try to keep from landing on top of the baby), a goose egg on my chin from where it landed so hard on the camera that the lens fell off, and sweet Owen is now on concussion watch for the next 24 hours (though the nurse thinks he's fine ).

And you know that mom, the one who while falling would have sang "Amazing Grace" to comfort the screaming baby and scared toddlers. She would have been ashamed of me. Because me... well... I yelled "oh shit" the whole way down.

And I didn't even have a freakin' Elmo band-aid to make everyone feel better.

So now I'm at home.
I'm sore.
I'm tired.
I'm worried about Owen.
I'm glad my camera seems to be okay.
I've apologized to everyone for cussing.
And I'm waiting for social services to knock on my door and take my babies away to live with that mom.

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  1. Oh, but my darling, you ARE that Mom. That mom always makes the effort, that mom always finds ways to bring smiles to her children and that mom always knows how to dry tears (even her own and even if she said something she wished she hadn't on the way to the tears). Yep, life is one big roller coaster ride after another isn't it? I am SO fortunate to have YOU for THE mom for these precious grandchildren! Remember my cartoon-like-feet-flew-out-from-under-me fall at the mountains? Yep, the soreness will get worse before better so stay home and watch movies of other moms who don't know how to wade in creeks for goodness sakes:D Creeks + their high heels = nope!