Thursday, May 6, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Okay - I'm seriously lacking in creativity these days. All I ever write about is the family and our adventures. But one day, one day, my five followers are going to check my blog and find something highly intelligent. Like maybe I'll write about political unrest in third world countries, or explain the pythagorean theorem, or write a post in iambic pentameter, or maybe I'll even delve into the reasons one should be on Team Jacob vs. Team Edward. The possibilities are endless, but for now, here are a few pics of the kids at swimming lessons. They ended last week and we'll be back for more in June.

"What? Is it not safe to wrestle with my best friend in the water?"
Love these two boys and they LOVED taking lessons together.
(Not sure the teacher enjoyed their shenanigans, but they sure had fun.)
In fact, they had so much fun that Isaac forgot to be terrified of getting his face wet.

Kick, kick, kick.
This one is a fish.
She loves the water.
All my pics of her are blurry because she would not stop swimming, jumping, diving for toys, etc.
Loves it!

Two bored boys while they wait for their sister to finish her lesson.

The pools open up soon and we're ready for hot summer days and more swimming.

Keep watching for my deeply intellectual and creative post. Seriously - one day I'm gonna knock off your argyle socks with my intelligence.


  1. Consider my socks flying through space already from the creative spin you put on everything my REMARKABLE grandchildren do every day! LOVE the non-stop movement of EG....I remember going for some of those early swim lessons....huge change! Glad Isaac could be distracted and move past the initial hesitancy. ;P

  2. I love that he Pythagorean Theorem is right up there with Twilight. Thx for carting the kids all over town and providing them opportunities like this. You are a great mom. Love you! - Todd