Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bye Bye, Bottles

Hello, kitchen counter.

Even though I cried and gnashed my teeth when nursing didn't work out and I had to use bottles, and even though I may have complained "once or twice" about having to wash all those bottles, and even though I may have mentioned how annoying it was to have a bottle rack taking up permanent residence on my kitchen counter, I'm going to miss those bottles. Really, I will.

There are a lot of fond memories of curling up on the couch with a baby and a bottle. A lot. And I will definitely miss that snuggle time with my little Owen.

Wait a minute.
What's that lone bottle doing up there in the back of the cabinet with all the baby cups Owen now uses?

Oh, come on.
You can't expect a girl to give up the bottle cold turkey, can you?
It's for a sick day, or a rainy day, or today if I get the shakes from withdrawal...


  1. I'm already missing that time too! Good thing you and I can "borrow" Americus whenever his mommy leaves some milk in a bottle for him. :D

  2. Yes, we will miss the bottle times. What fond memories and precious moments. But, "Hello kitchen counter!" I'll bet the smocking pleater just fits in that space!! Love you, Mom