Friday, April 9, 2010

The Days are Long.....

Ever heard that saying in parenting that the "days are long but the years fly by?" Today that saying was very true in this house. Today was long. Real long. We had a very unhappy 14 month old, an overly mothering 5 year old, a quite deviant crayon incident with a 3 year old, and if we're being honest, we also had a very cranky 32 year old.


Here's the great thing about parenting though....
I'm pretty forgiving.
The kids (thankfully) are even more forgiving.
And tomorrow is another day.

Did I mention that today was long?

I think these two pictures from last Sunday sum up today quite nicely. Unfortunately, they probably also paint a fairly accurate picture of a lot of days in our house:

Owen not feeling well and crying.
Emma Grace trying to help by mothering smothering.
Isaac standing in the background with a bewildered look about him.

If Isaac had expressed what he was feeling at the time, I think it would have gone a little something like this....
"Mom, what the hell? Remember when we were all four getting along just fine, and you and Dad decided to try for one more? Seriously?!"

Seriously long.

I'm going to go sit and look forward to tomorrow.

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  1. Funny thing is sometimes these long days that last the shortest amount of time in our memories because some of those "little" moments that are so quick....well they last a lifetime in your memory. So, hang in there, even if it is by your fingertips. I just know tomorrow will be better...and shorter!! Love you!