Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Little Habesha

The past few weeks have been very trying with our little Ethiopian. He seems to go in cycles and get in ruts while he is trying to process things. It is painful and frustrating and tiring and heartbreaking to watch. He acts out, needs constant physical affection, asks hard questions, and tests boundaries. He breaks toys, wanders off in stores, cries a lot, and wants to be constantly held. And just when we think that we're doing something terribly wrong, the cycle ends and we see growth. And we always hope and pray that with that growth will come more understanding and security in his heart.

Do I think these are three year old issues or adoption issues? Probably both.

Does it scare me that he needs constant reassurance of our love? Most definitely.

Do I understand why he feels that way?

Would I give anything in this world to change that?
Without a doubt.

You see, even on our worst and most trying days, my love for Isaac never waivers. My patience does, but I will continue to show him that no matter what he does, how he acts, or how much he doubts, I will never leave him. Some days that's a really big job (and one I don't always handle well), but I gladly accept it.

Loving this little boy is easy.

What is he doing right this minute? Well, I couldn't find him for awhile until his sister and I pulled the toy baskets out from under the bed. Why would you take your Sunday afternoon nap anywhere else?
(Evidently he was trying to hide and surprise me, but fell asleep instead.)

What was he doing this morning at church? He was an example of a pure heart and unconditional love. You see, Isaac's good friend John was in a terrible car accident on Christmas day and his life has taken a detour that no parent ever wants to witness. Isaac saw him again the other night (where this pic was taken) and was a little bit shy but wanted to hold his hand and spend time with him.

This morning at church there was no shyness, only sweet acceptance. John was crying and Isaac went to him and started rubbing his feet. He kept repeating "it's okay, John." When it was time to go, he laid his head on John's chest and told him he loved him. That's my little habesha and I could not have been prouder or more touched in that moment.

Yup, loving this little boy is easy.

"Not flesh of my flesh,
nor bone of my bone,
but still miraculously, my own."
-Author: unknown

Sweet John and his parents could use many, many prayers. Here is the address of his caring bridge page. He is a trooper and a fighter and though we don't always understand it, God is going to use him in a big way.

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  1. I am incredibly proud of Isaac and my heart is bursting with love. I am also incredibly proud of his Mom for so lovingly reassuring him that each of us love him unconditionally. He took that example and put it into action with sweet John. He knows John hears and feels him.....and I know that is because Isaac was being the hands and feet of God in those moments. Grandma Fish