Friday, April 16, 2010

Famous Artists

We are so posh. Last night we went to a very classy art show in Knightdale. (I know, you didn't know such distinguished activities were available in the Knightdale area...) The artists are household names and not only did we get to see their art, we were also able to eat cheese and crackers with them and talk about the inspiration behind their creations.

Here are two of the artists with their award winning work. Please note the first prize ribbons placed on these exquisite masterpieces. Truly, they are amazing.

This artist titled this piece "Colors". Wow - that is deep.

This piece was titled "I". The mind boggles. Such intensity.

Even our youngest did not want to do anything inappropriate (although he did soil himself) in such an elegant setting. Not wanting to get dirty, his preferred mode of transportation was walking while beaming adorably.

Our night of extreme elegance is over.
Back to the real world.

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  1. What a special privilege to get that invitation. I know you were so pleased and filled with glorious culture afterwards. THIS Grandma is also filled with great pride in all three of their efforts and the parents that share them with us! We are blessed!