Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Meal times with Owen are quite annoying interesting. I've captured one meal in pictures, but please know that his unique "process" is repeated at each and every meal/snack time.


Step 1: Examine and study the food.

Step 2: Touch the food to your mouth and stare at your mother doubtfully.
(Did she try to sneak something in there that you won't like?)

Step 3: Once you realize the food is in fact one of your favorites and there was no trickery involved by the hands of your mother, devour said food.

Step 4: Make sure to get every crumb from your hands into your mouth.
After all, according to those around you, each calorie counts.

There is also a process for foods we dislike.

Step 1: Examine and study the food.
Step 2: Touch and play with the food being extra cautious to keep it away from your mouth.
Step 3: Discreetly feed the food to the dog who is always sitting by your chair.
Step 4: If the dog is outside, chuck the food as far as possible from your chair.
Step 5: Scream until your mother brings you some more of those peanut butter crackers and repeat steps 1-4 listed above.

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  1. I reviewed the Reading skill of "Sequencing" today (again!). We could have used Owen's expertise as a wonderful example! Little lamb :)