Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Definitely Safe to Say

That today was not a good day.

When your child screams all afternoon and then still has tears rolling down his cheeks after he's fallen asleep on you at dinner time.........

Not a good day.

But we've had a lot of not good days around here,
so I know that tomorrow could be better.
It often is.

In other news.....
We often worry that Owen's health issues will negatively affect the other kids.
But tonight proved otherwise, because while Owen did this:

(screamed through Todd's attempts to cheer him up)

the older two crazies were having a dance partay in the living room.

Who doesn't wear their brother's Easter basket on their head for dance parties?
Regular hats are so last year.


  1. Oh I've missed your blog so much! I was just thinking about you today. I love the dance party (it's amazing how much that calms all of us down). I've got some catching up to do. Thanks so much for the sweet comment! Much appreciated :)

    p.s. blogspot won't let me post via google account so I'm posting anonymous tonight.

  2. I've danced with a plastic pumpkin on my head.....and maybe even a lampshade or two.....

    Glad to see they are having fun fun fun! Praying for fewer of those tough days for our precious Owen. Prayingprayingpraying!